Monday, 22 June 2009

Sarkozy's statement on the Burqa

President Sarkozy has made it clear, the burqa is not welcome in France. He is correct and spot on!

The burqa (the full body covering from head to foot and not the head-scarf or hijab) is a cultural and tribal method of controlling women and it stand against everything that France, Europe and Western values stand for. In fact I would argue that it stands against Islamic principles as well but let us just say that time is a long, long way to even contemplate now.

Muslims in France and Europe must get this fact that they are not in system controlled often by fundamentalists that are dominated not by the faith of Islam but every bigoted aspect that suites the status-quo that puts women as slaves and that their way of thinking is the only one.

A number of these low-life bigoted websites such as Muslims against Sharia (created by non-Muslims of course) and others like Pajamas Media have come across a ridiculous argument that shows 1) they know nothing about Islam and 2) they are still after scoring against anything liberal and in this case President Obama.

There argument is that Sarkozy is saying something against what Obama said in Cairo with the statement against the burqa, when he has not. Sarkozy of course is talking about banning the burqa as what I noted above I think is correct, if not spot on! Obama was talking about protecting Muslim women's rights to wearing the hijab which I also think is spot on! The hijab is a Muslim modesty subject that around 70 per cent of all Muslim women follow and if anything demand. Not all, but most do. I should point out that I have no opinion either way, my wife does not wear (though she retains the right to perhaps do later on in life) and my only thought is that if you chose to wear it, do it for the right reasons, not for fashion or to just be with the crowd.

I think it is rather pathetic and low to make political gain out of ignorance and confusion.