Friday, 19 June 2009

The low-life defends the indefensible

Further to the item about the low-life from Lambeth Walk trying to abuse the detestable situation of a child abused and killed in England and not identified by a doctor who treated him - to score a poin against Muslims,. He quickly tried to deny the charge and change the point .... and failed miserably at both.

"This doctor was incompetent, and that is a perfectly worthy reason to post this story" he said on his blog in response to my pointing out his shameless attempt. Mind you, I think I have only seen one item on his postings that is not about "Muslims", even the current item which is trying to attack French President Sarkozy quickly changes to items about Muslims destroying that country, and so on and so nauseum.

The low-life then tried to change the subject "The fact she was trained in the Third World is relevant, I feel; we have a lot of cases of incompetence from such doctors - Third World staff, Third World service." Again, just looking at the item in question on his own post, the doctor in question was trained both in Pakistan AND Ireland. I guess the low-life has a poor opinion about Ireland. I replied to him with this point and also that the UK does have a screening and qualifications test before a practicing license is given, as do most countries, but I am sure it will fall on deaf ears.

It would be worth pointing out that I have no intention on commenting and making any capital on a tragic event that happened, but rather pointing out that there are low-lifes out there who will do it without hesitation. I find it both disgusting and indefensible.