Friday, 19 June 2009

The Lambeth Walk strolls a crooked line

There is a blog called the Lambeth Walk which is a not-so-clever home for bigotry and xenophobia.

Examples today are two postings, the first about the sad case of the dreadful abuse and death of "Baby P ". I would never go so low as to post an item on this case for anything other than to show my dismay, outrage and respect to the family. But of course the only reason it was placed on the Lambeth Walk blog was because the doctor that should have identified the danger and abuse that child was a Muslim and her photo was shown because she wears a hijab.

There is nothing more disgusting and low-life than to make capital out of someone else’s misery.

The second item is an example of this low-life blog’s outputs. Non-stop individual examples of errors, criminal acts or anything else negative by Muslims, regardless if any of it was done under the name of Islam or not. The constant use in items adding the word “Muslim” to somehow turn the reader into thinking things are a conspiracy of some sort.

I had a go at the low-life blogger from Lambeth Walk a while ago because of this abusive practice. Showing a list of individuals who did bad things and ensuring that it was “this Muslim” or “the Muslim ….” But avoiding making any reference to the even to the thousands or hundreds of thousands of crimes, violent acts etc that occur each day in the west by the average westerners themselves. Crime is crime, a criminal is one regardless if he is Muslim or not, why single out one group unless you have a motive?

There is certainly a difference when the crime is done in the name of religion; there is no doubt in that. Then the topic comes up and it must be looked at from the perspective of the religion, which then in all cases comes out as being the act of a minority but violent fundamentalist group. Also, by definition, the fundamentalist is (or should be) a minority group not accepted by the bulk of the population and so their actions are also not that of the majority. Thus we can put it back to criminals, be it religious ones.

Lambeth Walk’s low-life blogger has another problem, he know he is towing the bigot line and his arguments are unsustainable in a debate, thus he will let anyone post a comment or rebuttal as long as he thinks he can win it, when he cannot – your comment mysteriously disappears.