Friday, 19 June 2009

Edmund Backwards James

There is a blogger in Canada that I love to on occasions take time to drop by and see what he is up to. Edmund Onward James as he calls himself has a blog site that is certainly a rant and from the proverbial old-fart genre – a political/social dinosaur with a view that would instill panic in its readers if it was not so hysterically obviously just one old codger’s ranting.

Poor Edmund is leaning so far to the right that must have constant neck-aches when trying to sit up straight to type his dribble. His myopic view of politics means that he must hiss even at the name Obama and though he is Canadian, avoids most of the time even discussing issues there.
His obsession with the “evil religion of Islam” is rather comical, and takes his postings and comments direct from all the most typically agenda based net-rags available. What he certainly has not shown, is any personal knowledge or understanding of the issues he so desperately wants to be seen raising – it begs to wonder if he has actually an opinion on the religion itself, he just cuts & pastes and presumes there is a “jihadist” under his bed, somewhere between his potty and his videos on crop-circles.

Poor old sod, he hates me with a vengeance, I discovered him on the CCD forum which was pulled down because of its hijacking by right-wing extremists and the almost outlawed Jewish Defense League. I complained about the unfair culling of postings by those that do not spout those views and it was closed down, and they even had to change the closed for technical revisions notice which now says “spam, cyber-attacks, defamatory postings, and other assaults” when before it included “jihad-bots” which is rather exaggerating but certainly showing the views of their late administrator/bigot.

Anyhow, it is a good laugh every once in a while to see how the old fellow is doing.