Friday, 19 June 2009

John Feehery has a problem

The American political pundit and blogger John Feehery annoyed me recently, showing some incredibly bigoted language in his postings on the The Hill's Pundits Blog ( I expressed it in a comments section and of course out came a number of ludicrous defenders with similar western-chauvinism and ignorance of the world outside the US.

I have a "no opinion" about his comments on most internal politics, health-care and other national political debate, mostly because I am neither American nor resident in that country. But when he opens up about the world outside his own, he falls into that line which to be brutal is "the ugly American" that was so evident in the eight Bush years. Though carefully written, much of his writings in one particular post basically assumed that the "his world" was better, that the Muslim world was dangerous and destructive and shoved the latter into one single basket.

His contribution "June 5, 2009 The Trouble with the Obama Speech" bagged Obama (he does all the time because he is from the right and so no matter what he will complain) and started the ranting. Though I have no side in the politics of the US, President Obama is correct and his intentions are the right direction in accepting that there is a world outside the United States and that there is no "better" or "worse" just different. It is not a down-play when here in the Muslim World there was a collective sigh of relief and "at last" when the President identified that there needs to be a change and it starts with that perception.