Saturday, 20 June 2009

How far anti-Islamic websites will go.....

The website Muslims Against Sharia has one interesting fact which I find both disturbing and ridiculous - it was created and run by non-Muslims.

Trying to hide its xenophobia and blatant anti-Islamic hatred, it tries to start by implying it is there to help moderate Islam from the forces of fundamentalism, extremism and militancy - which is a bold and I think noble claim. The thing though is all the real and not-so-hidden agenda of anti-Islamic hate comes out time and time again - and just in this preamble attempting to justify itself. We are there to support Muslims but we are against elements of the Qur'an and that it should be changed. Something of course like - we are not against Muslims but against Islam itself. Muslims of course know that Muslim, Qur'an and Islam are all the same.
So what about the rest of it then?

If you enter the blog sphere of this website, it instantly shows its true bigoted colors. The website has countless pro-Israeli banners, articles defending illegal settlements in the occupied territories and of course the countless items denouncing Islam as a whole. In addition, to hide under, patriotic American items and banners about supporting soldier in Afghanistan and Iraq to somehow link patriotism to this blogger's bigotry. I certainly know quite a few proud and decicated US servicemen and women who would find it insulting to have the armed services even mentioned by such a low-life.

With the increased liberalness in the non-Muslim world that has started to grasp the fact that there are other worlds outside the West and that they must be engaged and respected to get the same back - these far-right hate-groups are just simply having to work so much harder to justify their postings - posing as Muslims for example - pretty much desperate to go so low.