Saturday, 20 June 2009

Christopher Logan - the face of Islam in Action Exposes his Bigotry

I received this very amusing email from a Christopher Logan, whom is the blog owner of the Islam in Action bigot-site. I put the message here in total:

I stand against Islam, I stand against Muslim immigration which is not harassment because they are not in the country. Is that clear enough for you? Post away....
BTW....Wilders is against Islam because it is disgrace to Western civilization.
Post that to...maybe you will actually have some readers.

Well, so if it is not harassment to seclude one community or in this case an entire religion of 1.6 billion people, then what is harassment? Considering that he wishes to do so because he "stands against Islam" just identifies it. Add to that his xenophobic, anti-Islamic hysteria that is mostly meaningless and baseless "crap", it does more than identify his bigotry as pure harassment (that he claims his site avoids) but it is an obvious hate-site.

There is no doubt that he supports dangerous political extremists such as Wilders - as I am sure Mr Logan needs him as a resource to fill his desire to express his own ignorance.