Friday, 19 June 2009

On the road to oblivion, Wilders needs to suffer – being ignored

Easily said than done, the would-be-megalomaniac has a team devoted to keeping his name in the spotlight. Sadly, he exists for the singular purpose of sensationalism based on scare-mongering.

I guess every half a century comes out someone who appeals to the basic desire of the average person to seek a personality and when there are none existing in the local political sphere, the extremists come out with one. In a desire to capture on complacency, the economic or social woes in a country, this filth (because that is what they are) start pointing the finger on outsiders, minorities because it is human nature to not endorse change or perceived change.

The part of Wilders is pretty much singular in its political agenda, thus they have no strong points on economics, solutions to local social needs and would not even have the remotest understanding of international relations or obligations. No to Islam, Muslim Immigration and throw in "No to Europe" because there maybe some votes in that.

But to simplify Wilders like this is to make the mistake that many have done in the past to great disaster. Wilders is not stupid, he is ugly, a disease on society (thus the filth label) but he has structured himself in a way that certainly takes coordination. The basis for his funding is also an issue, certainly not a example of support or acceptability but that he is connected to other agenda based groups – and that is a concern.

Wilders has admitted to and public records show his frequent travel to the State of Israel and he has notoriously stated that the country is his second-best preferred home after The Netherlands. He even spent time in a Kibbutz. Though not getting into the Israeli/Palestinian debate (at least not right now), it does not make for much deliberating to consider that much of his rhetoric and probably funding comes from those elements within that country. Anti-Islamic sentiment in that country is certainly as strong as the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic elements in the Arab and Muslim World. That is just a reality.

Wilders has certainly stepped over that invisible line that makes it impossible for extremists to back-track. He simply can not turn back the clock, give up his perverted ideal and thus he is even the more dangerous as he has painted himself into the proverbial corner.
Using the easily shouted but incorrect phrase of “freedom of speech no matter what” is the major defense he uses now to justify all his hate. Yet that phrase is probably the one that will condemn him in the end, regardless of the success or not of the legal cases against him on inciting hate. His publication of the abusive Fitna fiction is no longer claimed by him as “fact” but he simply says it is his right to publish it, as freedom of speech. But at the same time, he is not interested in such freedoms within his own world.

His party is a personality cult, there is no democracy or dissent - it is not tolerated. Those that represent the party must toe the line or be booted out and show absolute loyalty to the leader Wilders.

Wilders avoids public debate, claiming that it is for personal safety because the Muslims want to kill him. Strangely as video debate or within the parliament building is offered, it is turned down. Most interesting though, and this links back to his “freedom of speech no matter what” defense, he carefully has avoided the topic that recently was thronging the airways of Holland – holocaust denial. Those that deny the holocaust argue that it is their right under freedom of speech and you would imagine that the one standing in the front of that group would be Wilders. “No matter what” he said. Wilders will certainly not go that direction at all, why? To do so would alienate him from that particularly important lobby and support group – the Jews and Israel – who would condemn him instantly. Wilders has painted himself in that corner and his only response is to shut-up and let the paint dry.

Though not for certain, it is a good chance that in the end he will be silenced by the court system as finding him guilty will take him out of the government/parliamentary domain that he has tarnished for so long. He will fall slowly but surely into public oblivion – ironically the best punishment for someone who almost certainly started down this track because he wanted to be in the spotlight.