Monday, 22 June 2009

Extremist Islamist Organisations in the West - Revolution Muslim

If one looks up and reads the mission statement of this organisation (if you are not interrupted by the active videos on the side columns showing the planting of signs in NY declaring the destruction of Zionism, condemnation of any supporters of Israel, etc, etc) you will see a not-so-clever document that insights hatred falsely under the pretext of the divine words of the Holy Qur'an.

"Our mission is to one day see the Muslims united under one Khalifah and under the commands of Allah (SWT). "

These are the words of the so-called purists such as Salafism and Wahhabism that strive to have the world go backwards to the time of the original Caliphate. The theory to have that spirit and unity of that period is commendable but realistically impossible and of course, being the extremists they are, they will confuse everything from that time as being pure - including 7th century Arab tribal cultural practices.

The other question, like that of bringing Sharia to the world also falls flat due to the basic reality check. A Caliphate under who's leadership? Which Sharia do you wish, Hanafi, Maliki, Wahhabist?

Islam is my faith and I am very proud of it, I do not see where it says that reality must be ignored?

"2) To support the dawa of our beloved Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal, recently released from prison and secure in Jamaica preaching the religion and serving as our spiritual guide"

What I cannot stand is personality cults, the Qur'an is our Guide and The Message.

Worse, this is not a religious movement, this is a political movement based on particular views and of course they are implying that it is representative of all of Islam and with a subtle implication that those who do not agree are some how unclean or "haram".

I live in Morocco, this group is unheard of here, I have shown a few people including a university professor of Islamics this website who muttered a verse of the Qur'an that is used when something unholy is witnessed.

Though carefully avoided in most elements, this website is pushing for violence, abusing the laws of the United States and indirectly calling them "the enemy" even though they all want to live in that country. They support the destruction of the State of Israel and are not interested in peace and a two-state solution even though the majority of Palestinians want that. They simply think, like all religious extremists (fundamentalists) that their view is the right one and the rest are not only wrong but must change.

No wonder their "dear leader" is exiled in Jamaica.