Friday, 7 August 2009

Excellent Holidays & Expected Radical Fishing Results

Hi all, back from my lovely holiday in Agadir, Tiznit and region. It was damn hot with the "Chirgui" or Sahara Desert Winds that when it strikes can make the temperature go up to over 50 degrees, but anyway, most of the time I was between the swimming pool and the hotels air-conditioned restaurant or secluded corners of the lobby.

It was during these cool quiet times that I spent my continued investigations into anti-Islamic websites to further understand the mind-set of these people.

The target for this time was the Gates of Vienna blog (GoV) and to give the blog credit, it is a well run blog with good conduct rules. The two blog-owners known as Baron Bodissey and Dymphna do a pretty good job of running the show.

I jumped in with my standard objective and rule - point out factual errors, direct bigoted statements and pointing out the obvious - Islam and its core principles defined the Holy Qur'an are fine but the behaviour of radicals and extremists (as with all religions) are evil and destructive and they should be the target.

The results were mostly as expected and because of the good control, the hard-core bigots within took their time to start the personal attacks. Mind you some of them were from other blogs whom I have had run-ins before.

Unlike other blogs such as Lambeth Walk, GoV places items on the examples of radical and militant Islamists and leave it to the commenters to do the dirty bigotry in trying to tarnish the entire faith.

Also unlike other blogs, a good portion of the GoV items are far-right political postings - something that frankly speaking is not of interest to me. If anything, the blog is just another confirmation that there is an obvious link between the far-right with bigotry and ultra-nationalism whom will by default be anti-Islamic.

Justice has to be done to a number of posters whom though obviously right leaning, I had good discussions with. One such discussion about Turkish politics and the issue of the Armenian Genocide was enjoyable with the person in question asking smart questions. My own experiences from being posted to that country for two years and managing the Turkish Desk helped clarify some points.

It was not long though before the personal attacks and baiting started from those hard-core bigots - whom objected being identified as such even though their references were text-book bigotry (thus as the saying goes - if the shoe fits!).

In the end, Dymphna was getting sick of the domination of the topic (that I did not create nor start) and rather than halt the bigotry - blamed me for dominating and proselytizing, obviously false accusations and she gave me an official warning. Ironically it was the same time that another poster took the initiative of posting my item on this blog about watching GoV - something that I have not hid.

So I am now banned and condemned with ludicrous assumptions which I find funny and using the typical language of those feeling a bit of guilt in what they do. Sort of to justify their hard-line stance that in the end is indefensible.

So somehow I was there seeking converts - something that I in fact hate - a faith should be able to stand on its own legs and attract those by its principles and the behaviour of its followers. Selling sort of cheapens things.... as they say.

I am now a "typical" Muslim whom is there to do ...... whatever that means.

The self-styled "Baron" thinks that somehow he was proving a point and I was attempting to deny it - the popular method of playing with words because they cannot or are unwilling to look further than what suits their goals. He argued that the examples of horrors committed by radicals and militants are by default a sign of Islamic principles and I showed him otherwise. That he cannot respond - he argues that I am ignoring the events and not condemning them, even though I had done so time and time again.

What I have also noticed by the most bigoted - the "Baron" and "Dymphna" by the way have not themselves shown bigotry - is that they will use the great "escape clause" of claiming Taqiyya. I find that the most funny of all, considering that I live in and have extensively travelled the Muslim world, that term is not used if not understood by almost all of the Muslim population on the planet. Only theological students, clerics and non-Muslim right-wing extremists ever utter such phrases. The same goes with the desire for a Caliphate. I have learnt very quickly over these months studying the anti-Islam community out there - if they mentioned Taqiyya, they will refuse whatever answer you give them and any questions are a trap.

The most interesting thing I learnt is how people can build themselves into a frenzy over the concept of Shari'a and this Caliphate threat.

Obviously the anti-Islam websites, rumours and other sources are carefully filling in the completely wrong statement that Shari'a exists throughout the Muslim World and will be demanded and attempt to take over the rest of the world.

So when I point out that the reality is completely different - that in fact most Muslim countries in the world do not have Shari'a Courts and some have mixed Secular and only Shari'a for family law - they simply thought I was making it up. I guess they know better than the rest of the world and those living it - because someone told them.

I will have to continue investigating the issue and problem of how this view of Shari'a and somehow the world will face the demand of a Caliphate - even though the Muslim World is not interested - comes about.

Much of it is clear though, it is that the radicals in the West are often more radical than those elsewhere and that is a serious problem.

Take care all, the investigations continue.....
(a footnote, I do not apologize to GoV for the study, it was clear if anyone had read my blog and I had a goal. I find GoV not that offensive like others but typical in some aspects - the "we support Israel" emblem and the photo and supportive banner for Geert Wilders, frankly puts down what would be a well presented and simply strong-right blog).