Thursday, 13 August 2009

The tour of anti-Islamic sites continues - so does the banning....

I previously mentioned a blogger known as "sheikyermami". He rather thinks of him/herself as some form of expert on a moral crusade to fight Islam and in reality just a cut & paste exercise using the works of others. He is a self-confessed friend and admirer of Robert Spencer - the would-be anti-Islam saviour of America whom created Jihad-Watch.
This blogger thinks he knows history but rather believes what he thinks it should be rather than its reality. He wrote an item about Al Andalus, quoting Spencer's distortions and though I can commend him for blindly supporting his friend and mentor, he laughingly embarrasses himself constantly defending non-existent history. Spencer has left him in the lurch so to speak.
Spencer argued against recognised academics whom referred to the important periods of Al Andalus (Arab Iberia) that lasted 800 years and of course Spencer attacked it citing events in the 11th century as proof. Note only some events out of 800 years! No historian or academic would ever embarrass himself in doing so, unless he is a propagandist with an agenda such as Spencer. Thus when identifying this, the blog-owner in question will flatly deny the historical events and when pressed changes the subject. In this case, the blogger changed it to the Ottomans, a bad move as it is a favourite subject of mine, not to mention being posted there. Wild comments about Ottoman laws and the abuse of Jews and Christians making it out as systematic and binding administrative, coordinated abuse (he tried and failed on that one about Al Andalus) all fell flat when I gave him a lesson on Ottoman jurisprudence and its system. But the entire point was like his beloved mentor Spencer, he quoted an event by a single source and counted as proof of the entire period. No one doubts how horrid and ugly history has been as well as how inspiring it was - it is after all "history" and it takes no sides. The point I make is that there is no problem making statements and identifying events - but do not lie.

The blogger "sheikyermami" admitted that the "We are the wake-up call. Resisting Islam, raising awareness and demanding a reversal of Mohammedan immigration is self-preservation and a sacred duty for every non-Muslim. " and that says it all, he has an agenda that is very questionable and ugly, as ugly as radical, extremist Muslims.

My last post is now under "awaiting moderation" which means probably he has not the balls to post it, so to not lose the item I have posted it below, I expect to be banned from his blog as well. He and another agenda based commenter laughed when I used the word "music" arguing that there is no music in Islam and the Muslim World, and to back up the point, the blogger tried to pull the Hadith Qursi items.... as if he is now an expert on Islamic Studies. I should give him the web addresses of the hundreds of Music Video Satellite stations and magazines........ .

"Two issues there Dear Blogger, I noticed rather than take up points that I correctly make you carefully change them and avoid the subject of history altogether to come back to the same theme of the events of today, and I was not aware that you dislike my attempt to put lipstick on your snout?? Sorry, I am not a native English speaker and have no idea what that meant.

There is no need to proclaim each time events of history and then ignore them later on when returned. The Turks committed a genocide against the Armenians and though they like to not admit it, they will and are coming to terms with that rather like the British are still coming to grips with the genocide of the Tasmanian Aboriginals. Yep history is an ugly thing, that is the first thing one learns and placing them as examples for justification for modern behaviour simply does not stick – but then any academic or someone who respects history and politics knows that.

I stand by the history that I have given, go seek a real academic and not your beloved Spencer and you will see the difference, I do not play up to cut & paste portions, I look at the history as a whole. I acknowledge both the ugly and stupidities of all in history as well as the events that should be admired.

Calling me a jihadist is the funniest of all, I guess that is the sign of an self-admitted anti-Islam crusader with a “sacred duty”, when I have spent a good part of my life fighting them. You may have forgotten that I am involved in the tracking of terrorism-financing here in North Africa (mostly by the way via counterfeiting of products for Hezbollah’s battle against Israel) and I have a portion of my right wrist scared for life because of a radical’s letter bomb when I was posted in Jakarta – so your rather obnoxious taunt falls more than flat. Your pipe dream that every Muslim lives in tents and plans jihad is just that and because of that view, you have played into the real radical and militant Islamist’s hands by alienating all Muslims.

As for your putting Hadith Qudsi, so what? Are you again trying to put the references of the 7th century and considering them obligatory for today, does that make you the radical extremist? Why is it that if you put Saudi, Sudanese, Lybian or even Iranian television you will find music played? Why is it that Al Andalus established religious singing and harmonics? Perhaps it is you who wishes to believe that radicalism and extremism is correct and blinding ignore what real Muslims believe and accept because it makes your rantings irrelevant and falling flat.

Just so you know, to the average non-radical or extremist Muslim, the messages from Hadith Qudsi is very clear, that during the time of the Prophet, entertainment was placed far above faith and devotion and thus at that time he outlawed it. So the average Muslim knows that he can love, adore and enjoy Music, even find devotion to God through it, but when it comes to religious obligations, it is not something of importance in comparison. My 5yr old son knows this, but aparantly Western right-wingers do not.

I was booted off GoV for two reasons, the first because I was monitoring them and reporting on it, that I had never denied and second because in the end they did not like the fact that a Muslim was on their blog for a long period and it provoked the bigots and racists that were there and contribute regularly.

GoV does deserve credit for trying to moderate this bunch of fanatics and for attempting to put as much original material and arguments as possible. I do not care about their political right-wing views or agendas as long as it does not include bigotry or lies.

This is frankly were you fall flat on your arse each time. Apart from your subservience to Spencer and using Jihad-Watch as some imaginary authority – like your Islam and Science item above – you come out with items such as your crossed-the-line of dignity item on Islam and Females (now closed) that was just a cut & paste dump of agenda based BS and pornographic items.

I suggest you stop embarrassing yourself in trying to pretend to be sophisticated and educated in your postings when in fact you have failed in both. Your agenda is now self-confessed and your take on the reality of the past and present is more than obvious, it stands out and is smacking you in the back of the head. "