Saturday, 25 July 2009

On holiday but still watching - as bigotry does not stop for holidays

Hi all, I am on holidays in Agadir (South Morocco) and enjoying myself way to much. That does not mean I have been off the net but certainly limiting it.

Today I took a look at the bigoted, racist and down-right neo-Fascists out there that continue there garbage, it did not take long.
Lambeth Walk's low-life certainly has not changed, regardless of his claims of innocence.

He loves to put on the blog label the word Islam with those that have an Ali or Mohammed as a name even though the article he cites has no reference to religious activity. Of course an item about a probable Christian being posted as was done also on the same blog has no such label - showing his intentions. I told him his singling out makes for text-book bigotry - he did not justify it and of course his solution was to chop my post.

On another thread, a terrible and disgusting case of rape of two girls by an elderly man - yep a person of Bangladesh descent and a Muslim was labelled as an item on Islam and the neo-fascist poster Dr.D was allowed that openly referred to all Muslims as "sex obsesses", "animals" and much, much more (remember he is the one on the post preceding this one that says all Muslims must be deported and if they resist - killed).

Pointing that out - my post was cut, not his.

The blogger of Lambeth Walk continues to ensure his keeping the title - "low-life" with the confirmation of bigotry.

Two more weeks of holiday but I have some items that I will post on my exchanges with the Gates of Vienna blog - they will be interesting.