Friday, 10 July 2009

Lambeth Walk Low-Life - Supporting calling it Illegal to be a Muslim (and worse!)

"It should be illegal to be a muzlim, and deportation should be the punishment (or death). "
Lambeth Walk posted an item remembering the victims of the 7 July 2005 terror bombings in London that killed 52 average ordinary people. A dark event in any world.
Doing so is fine, I have no problem with that as long as mindless ranting about race, immigration and blaming an entire religion does not come along with it. In this case, the item started off fine and with clear facts that are well known but of course in the end he had to start ranting about immigration and open borders along with bowing (kow-towing was his word) to the Islamic World. Thus the item was just another disgraceful low-life attempt to gain agenda scoring on the back of real victims - pathetic!

But that is not all - it gets even more disgusting - but from another angle - the comment section.

The Lambeth Walk low-life is very smart in allowing comments that only suit his needs, sometimes allowing criticism or alternative responses if he believes that he can either win the argument clearly or that he can abuse them and use that abuse as the closing argument (of course not allowing the response to the abuse). A clever attack on a so-called open discussion and democratic principles claimed by these sick bloggers. That is why I make it clear, no comments so that I cannot either fall into or be blamed for such hypocrisy.
Anyhow - this is when it gets sick. There is an obviously bigoted and probably immature poster going by the name Dr.D. who comes out with sometimes raving and idiotic comments, often verbatim to sicko websites and certainly - just off the top of his bigoted head.

He came out with this line "It should be illegal to be a muzlim, and deportation should be the punishment (or death). " Now from him I can expect this type of crazed comment.

So I asked the blog owner to cut the item out as it is both disgraceful, demanding the death of Muslims who resist mandatory deportation from Britain and that by not doing so or at least not posting a comment condemning Dr.D. then by proxy you are supporting it.
He first charged "what item"? I replied, he cut out his question (because it was stupid) and mine and the item still sticks. I have, just in case it was a glitch the request three times now, all ignored and the item remains. He continues to post items on his blog, so we know he has seen it.

Thus it is clear as can be, the low-life blogger of Lambeth Walk obviously considers it a valued solution to his bigoted hatred for Muslims and that the British Government should deport all Muslim in the UK and those that resist should be executed.

Way to go Lambeth Walk, supporting a new 'final solution'.