Tuesday, 7 July 2009

MASh Scam Exposed – Bigots Stealing from other Bigots!!!

Further investigations into the non-Muslim “Muslims Against Sharia” website has uncovered that this hate-fest is not only run by non-existent people claiming to be Muslims but that the site is also under US federal investigation for – not having business licenses, tax files and that any donations given of course are thus disappearing into the pockets of the criminals running it.

A Florida based private investigator (see details and references below) has spent a great deal of time and effort tracking and noting the non-existent activities of MASh and its owner that include false claims of anti-terrorist activities, speeches and meetings and more.

Ironically, the site is relying on post 9/11 anti-Islamic sentiment to raise its profile and thus also attacking the general Muslim community but also its own supporters whom both are cheated by its lies (from both angles) as well as the loss of any money donated.

I was preparing an example of the ridiculous manifesto and goals that is spouted by the website in regards to “reforming Islam” but instead have chosen to just point out the criminal scam side of the matter as that explains it all. Needless to say that any Muslim, be they the most liberal minded would find the manifesto impossible – as it ask for Islam to recognize that it was responsible for the Crusades and that the actions of the Christians was just a retaliation! Need I say more!

Below is a part of a posting on http://www.billwarnerpi.com/2009/03/muslims-against-sharia-and-khalim_28.html by the Private Investigator Bill Warner:

After thorough investigation into the activity of Muslims Against Sharia and the "President" Khalim Massoud corroborated with an agent for the US Secret Service in Omaha NE, there is no doubt that in fact Muslims Against Sharia is not a Muslim advocate group for moderate Muslims, it is in fact not a Muslim Group of any kind and the President of Muslims Against Sharia, the king of the false posters, Khalim Massoud, is using a phony name as there is no such person listed in the USA.Muslims Against Sharia and the "President" Khalim Massoud use PO Box 241732 Omaha NE 68124 to collect donations (since 9/11/01) see, "Help Moderate Muslims fight Islamofascists! Please find enclosed my check, made payable to Muslims Against Sharia". Muslims Against Sharia and the "President" Khalim Massoud have become the focus of a IRS and USPS criminal investigation into where the donations went.Muslims Against Sharia and the "President" Khalim Massoud do not have a business license in Omaha NE, there supposed HQ, Muslims Against Sharia and the "President" Khalim Massoud do not have a charity listed with the IRS to collect donations, nor did Muslims Against Sharia and the "President" Khalim Massoud ever incorporate their business in the State of Omaha as required to collect donations, fake, fake, and fake, they do not exist in the "real world".There are no listed interviews given by Muslims Against Sharia and the "President" Khalim Massoud with any reputable Main Street Media organization, no newspaper, no radio program, no TV station, nothing just "Fake Interviews On The Internet" with groups linked to or closely associated or even those behind the False Posters Muslims Against Sharia and Khalim Massoud.

Aparantly this Khalim Massoud was rather angry at being investigated and started a smear campaign against Mr Warner. I have seen some of the items, they certainly go through a lot of rhetoric and language but actually all references and quotes given are to his own items and blog-sites but of those accusing Warner – none! Warner is no man’s fool – a professional response and a good one is noted below:

IRS & US Secret Service Omaha Nebraska, Khalim Massoud and Muslims Against Sharia

US SECRET SERVICE, 2707 N. 108th St. OMAHA NE. 68164, PH 402-965-9670
Are the online attacks by the author of the “
Muslims Against Sharia” aka Khalim Massoud with an email address of reformislam@gmail.com who has Defamed and Intends to cause an interruption of Bill Warner’s business, WBI Private Detective Agency, by posting libelous messages, linked to the al-Muhajiroun group, same tactics are being used, see Friday, March 20, 2009, PI BILL WARNER QUOTED IN “FAMILY SECURITY MATTERS” EXPOSE ON MUSLIM JIHAD GROUP “AL-MUHAJIROUN”

The Chasing Evil website and blog also caught onto the issue of MASh and came out with many interesting facts and opinions, I have put only a portion, the reference is there for anyone interested. Chasing Evil is run by the Reverend Sutter and has good mix of inter-faith contributions.

Curiously, the site contains absolutely NO membership or governance information at all. No indication of who created this organization, who its members are, who manages it, who governs it, who sets its policies and direction…nothing. Sort of odd for a non-profit advocacy group - especially one that’s fundraising.There is, however, a page that allows you to donate by Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, or Amex to “help fight Islamofascists”. And that page lists the donors. The first “donor” on the list, if you google it, turns out to be the Executive Director of the organization. The second “donor”, turns out to be a member of the organization who seems to spend most of his time posting anti-Muslim taunts on various blogs. At that point I stopped Googling “donors”. Feel free to continue down the list - I’d be curious. There aren’t many of them.Back to the home page, where the organization’s “Manifesto” is set out. And here again, one is struck by the uncanny similarity between the agenda of this allegedly “Muslim” group, and that of American and European neo-nazi sites that claim to support “moderate” Muslims while actually trashing anything Islamic.Among the elements of this “Muslim” “Manifesto” are such popular right wing talking points as “the Crusades were not unprovoked acts of aggression, but rather attempts to recapture formerly Christian lands controlled by Muslims”, and “We must remove evil passages from Islamic religious texts, so that future generations of Muslims will not be confused by conflicting messages.”

I have sent emails to all the above asking for updates and how I can support and help. Already I have contacted all those linked with MASh to warn them of the scam and the hate-mongering nature of the site, most have returned with shock and dismay (having just took the words of “moderate Islam” as enough and a number said that they will contact demanding their links be removed.

I certainly will keep you all up-to-date on the matter.