Thursday, 24 September 2009


As I continue my inquiries into the cause, methods and reasoning behind anti-Islam hate-blogs, I have noticed how more and more radical, cynical and direct they are becoming. Why? Thus, instead of pulling the plug after my last post, I smelt a rather sinister rat behind the rather poorly run but nasty Winds of Jihad (WoJ) blog.

Thus, my pressing continued, simple prodding and provoking and drawing the rather gullible blog-owner into identifying his real reasoning and source, it worked of course.

On five separate threads the blog-owner confessed to supporting the religious-Zionist theorem of Israel expanding its borders to include the biblical lands of Samaria, Judea and Hebron.

Thus, carefully provoking a cut-out, I quoted ultra-orthodox Sabbath rules, talked about their similar violence to radical Muslims (since the subject was about a female Italian ultra-right politician who got punched during Ramadan and everyone said shame – but you get the same in west Jerusalem if you break the Sabbath there….). I then said did you hear about Kahane and a few others I named and out it came……… “I respect the teachings of Kahane very much.”

It is clear that this is the sole driving force behind this blog and perhaps even financially. His material source, being the typical right-wing anti-Islam propaganda from the same sources has for my part shown a lack of independent thought or seriousness. Also WoJ’s blogger continued to defend his position with the usual five methods which confirm that there is no logic and genuine independent concern that would normally be created. These, namely “single sources” (in this case the Spencer/Fitzgerald/Gellar group), repetitive emotional half-quotes out of context” (single lines from the Qur’an and Hadiths), “your speaking taqiyya” (the laughable escape clause that no matter what you say I will call you a liar), I don’t care” (emotional avoidance disregarding the fact that they raised the subject themselves) and lastly by simply changing the subject quickly over and over and to older posters and back again. In this case the WoJ blog-owner did that constantly. He added one more, saying that aspects of his blog is satirical.

Only two posters on the blog, though with strong opinions and on leaning to the right of political views, had interesting and genuine opinions and were willing to agree to points or argued logically and coherently. I had no problem with them at all, but do admit that I read one (named tjwork) wrong and incorrectly presumed he was another mindless ratbag. I, as I always do, admitted my error and apologised.

Last time I gave the blog a D- for unoriginality and lack of quality sourcing (completely relying on others to do the work for them) but in line with the fact that this poster is actually doing so for a known purposeful agenda and cause, it obviously has been re-rated as a complete F for fail as it is no longer considered a blog but a propaganda rag for someone else’s cause. The blog-owner does not actually own his blog.